Asset Management

Reliability Program Development

Is your company setting up Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for the first time? Does your existing program need an upgrade? At WestCorp we have the tools to support you, with our cross-functional team of experienced RCM experts and Maintenance Planners.

Here are some important elements of such a program:

Equipment Strategies

WestCorp provides you with tailored equipment strategies and maintenance development programs, specific to your company’s needs. By using RCM methodologies and RCFA, WestCorp can help with the enhancement of existing maintenance programs as well as the creation of new maintenance programs for your equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Planning

At WestCorp we have the tools and the knowledge to define PM frequencies and PM programs that will help extend the life of your equipment. WestCorp’s reliability experts work with your team to develop the preventive maintenance program according to your company’s requirements.

Failure Mode Identification

WestCorp supports the setup and use of Failure Mode Identification as one of the fundamentals for your RCM program. This provides your planners with ‘historic’ data and helps your maintenance organization to prevent future breakdowns.