First and foremost: WestCorp is a Consulting company, that also provides ‘People Services’ as part of our business model. However, even if we are ‘just’ providing the right personnel to fill certain positions with our clients, our colleagues always have the consulting approach at mind. As most of our team members are ‘seniors’ in their respective field, they coach and mentor less experienced colleagues on their teams and help them learn and improve. Many of those more junior colleagues are employees of our clients and this ‘coaching and mentoring’ helps to build and improve the in-house teams.

Most people are familiar with the tale of the lumberjack who is so busy cutting trees that he doesn’t have time to sharpen his saw. In the fast-paced daily routine of a turnaround, maintenance, or project department in the process industry, we often get caught in the same trap.

Sometimes, the best solution is to step back and take an objective look at the situation. Easier said than done? We’re here to help.

At WestCorp, we listen carefully, we assess your current ways of working, we work with you to determine your goals, and we collaborate on creating a path to success.

We call our approach “hands-on consulting” because we work by your side all the way through implementation. We’ll be there to help until the new ways of working become firmly established routine.

Want to sharpen your saw? Give us a call. The hour you spend with one of our consultants might end up being one of your best investments.