Maintenance Improvement

WorkOrder Backlog Cleanup

WestCorp will provide you with a team of experienced Planners to specifically tackle your WorkOrder backlogs. Our team of professionals will plan these jobs out, making them ready for scheduling. All this, while your maintenance planning team can continue focusing on their daily tasks.

Legacy WorkOrder Project

Your company switches to a new CMMS system? From start to finish, our team will assist with the conversion of WorkOrders out of your “legacy system” into your new CMMS; and this is only one of the challenges we can help you solve when you are implementing a new CMMS.

‘Bad Actor’ Identification

WestCorp helps you with the identification of your ‘Bad Actors’ and the creation of plans and strategies to reduce the breakdown and downtime of those equipments. Of course, this happens in close cooperation with your Reliability and Preventive Maintenance teams.

‘Emergency Plans’ for Critical Equipment

Prepare yourself for unforeseen events by having emergency repair plans ready for all your critical equipment.