Maintenance Planning Projects

Master Data Clean-Up / Scrubbing

Does your equipment or material master data have double entries, outdated information, or is data simply missing? A dedicated WestCorp team can focus on creating, cleaning-up and/or scrubbing your master data in ‘no’ time!

Standard Planning Packages

One of WestCorp’s specialties is the creation of Standard Planning Packages. We set up standardized job plans, ensure the correct and consistent verbiage, use standard estimates, and attach (or link) all required drawings and documents. Create them once, use them again and again.

Turnaround Planning/Scheduling

One specific form of Standard Planning Packages are standard ‘open/clean/inspect’ work scopes for turnarounds: WestCorp has a lot of experience in building those kind of packages, either on an equipment type level, or down to each individual equipment.

Tag-ID Projects

Based on your current requirements, WestCorp can provide you with the right team and setup to build Standard Planning Packages for a specific scope, or for each and every Tag ID in your entire plant. We offer these projects with a mix of 'onsite' and ‘virtual' teams to be fast and cost efficient.