People Services

We can provide “People Services” support in one of three ways


    The most common of the three “people services” option. This route is generally popular because it allows for support as needed whether it is for a short or longer period of time. For short or fixed terms, it tends to be the most cost efficient. You get the support when you need it and then there is no further commitment.


    Sometimes clients want to bring a candidate on as a contractor and get to work with them first before making any longer-term commitments. The contract to hire option allows them to do that.


    This option is for clients looking to hire a full-time employee. We do the recruitment and once a candidate has been selected for onboarding, we hand them off to the client in a seamless transition. We guarantee our candidates through the probationary period of 90 days or provide a replacement in the event the candidate leaves for any reason.

  • WestCorp Candidate Pool

    Where do our candidates come from? Our favorite way to find new candidates is through the referral process. Past performance is generally the best way to predict future performance which means finding people through mutual contacts that can personally speak to the candidate’s capability and overall ability provides the highest assurance of success for us and our client. We receive referrals from both our client contacts as well as our own team members. Below is a list of some of our sourcing methods which include a combination of traditional and modern techniques such as:

  • HR and Recruiter teams’ extensive networks
  • Client Referrals
  • Candidate referral programs
  • Internal WestCorp candidate databases
  • Professional associations
  • Job fairs
  • Social media recruiting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Partnerships with diversity groups
  • Below are some of the Verification and Pre-screening check that we can do (customized screening at the request of the Client.)

  • Behavioural interviews
  • Employer reference checks
  • Employment eligibility
  • Criminal background Check (at your request)
  • Educational Background Check (At your request)
  • Personality assessments (at your request)
  • HSE and Drug and Alcohol Pre employment testing (where required)
  • One other added check that we like to do is look for mutual connections within our network if the candidate did not come referred. Reference checks are not always the most reliable but finding a mutual contact with an individual who can also provide feedback on a candidate is added value.