Service Products

WestCorp’s 'Service Products' are designed to provide solutions to specific problems. Our offerings are time-efficient, competitively priced and implemented by WestCorp team members with years of experience handling similar challenges.

Currently, we offer the following:

Maintenance Improvement

  • Work Order Backlog Clean-Up
  • Legacy Work Order Project
  • Bad Actor Identification
  • Emergency Plans for Critical Equipment

Asset Management

  • Reliability Program Development
    • Equipment Strategies
    • Preventive Maintenance Planning
    • Failure Mode Identification
    • Check Sheet Creation

Maintenance Planning Projects

  • Master Data Clean-Up / Scrubbing
  • Planning Package Projects
    • Turnaround Planning / Scheduling
    • Standard Planning Packages (Open / Clean / Inspect works scope)
    • Tag I.D. Projects


WestCorp is committed to providing clients with the best possible service at economical pricing. One of the ways we make this happen is by offering 'Unit Rate Pricing' (as opposed to calculating cost based on time and materials) for several of our products. That way, clients can be assured that the work is done as efficiently as possible within a calculable budget.

Whenever possible, WestCorp also involves virtual teams. We coordinate this by positioning a core group of our specialists onsite and placing the remaining team members in one of our company offices for remote work. This results in substantial savings for our clients and is an especially popular solution for locations with restricted onsite office space or in remote areas.

Whether you’re trying to hit performance targets, overcome system failures or simply get back on track, WestCorp can help. Give us a call to find out how!