What We Do

An Overview

    WestCorp Solutions offers Asset Lifecycle Management Consulting to the Process Industry, with a strong focus on Oil & Gas and Mining. Other industries we have experience in include Potash, and Bulk Shipping.

    We are specialized in providing support for Maintenance, Turnaround, and Project departments and have a large and constantly growing network of outstanding candidates for positions like Planning, Scheduling, Cost Controls, Coordination, Project Engineering, and Project, Turnaround, and Maintenance Management

    In addition to the consulting work we also offer ‘People Services’ which include finding and providing the best candidates to fill any open positions whether it be for short, or long term. However, a lot of times even if we are ‘just’ providing the right personnel to fill certain positions, our colleagues always have the consulting approach at mind. The majority of our team members are ‘seniors’ in their respective field, so they are able to coach and mentor less experienced colleagues on their teams and help them learn and improve. Many of those more junior colleagues are employees of our clients and this ‘coaching and mentoring’ helps to build and improve the in-house teams. We have team members that were initially hired for a 3-month term and have been there for more than 5 years. As we all know, plans can quickly change from day to day and so being flexible and able to adapt to each individual business team’s needs is the key to success in our field.

Within our areas of specialization, we also have experience with these very specific challenges:

  • Maintenance Improvement –

    Word Order Backlog Clean Up. Legacy Work Order Projects, Bad Actor Identification, Emergency Plans for Critical Equipment

  • Asset Management –

    Reliability Program Development and Improvement such as: Equipment Strategies, Preventative Maintenance Planning, Failure Mode Identification, Check Sheet Creation

  • Maintenance Planning Projects –

    Master Data Clean Up and Scrubbing. Planning Package Projects such as: Turnaround Planning/ Scheduling, Standard Planning Packages (open/clean/inspect), Tag ID Projects


Why Should You Choose WestCorp Solutions?

Below are the top 6 reasons why Clients choose WestCorp Solutions as a valued partner and why candidates want to work with us:

  • One difference between a smaller and specialized consulting and recruiting firm vs. a large ‘body shop’, is that our approach is much more personal. Both with our own team members as well as our clients. This results in a better onboarding experience, retention and overall success for both, the new colleague as well as the client.
  • We stay in touch with our people on a weekly basis to support them with any administrative and logistical questions and issues they might have and to help remove any barriers that may prevent them from doing the best job they can for our clients. Our clients’ team-leads are usually very busy, so one of our goals is to relief them of some of their stress by being the first line of support for our colleagues in their teams.
  • An example of how WestCorp’s recruiting differs from other organizations is that over the past 9.5 years we have built up our own database of qualified and ‘vetted’ candidates in the fields we are specialized in. This pool of colleagues allows us to find the right candidate for a new job very quickly and with the confidence that he or she has the right personality and qualifications for the respective position.
  • We are flexible and accommodating to our clients’ needs. We realize how quickly things can change, and we as a company are quick to adapt to those changes and support our clients wherever and however possible.
  • We believe that the heart of any organization needs to be a strong team of full-time employees, who continue to learn and grow and who ensure a consistent development of their company and the adherence to its vision and mission. We also believe that this core team of employees can and should be supplemented with a group of specialized and highly skilled contractors, to ramp up during times of increased need (like the preparation of a Turnaround or a Major Project) or to fill certain positions temporarily. And we believe that these two teams can work and act as ‘One’, because we have seen this frequently with various clients we have worked with in the past.